Episcopal High School had a collection of cast plaques salvaged from around the campus during a renovation.
They wanted a unique way to showcase these plaques and appropriately pay homage to the generous donations that they represented. The new donor wall needed to compliment the existing design aesthetic of the campus, so I created a unique series of shield shaped panels to hold the plaques. The shield is a reference to their mascot: The Knight

The panels consist of 3/8″ thick 30/30 Green Glass Acrylic, which have custom routed recesses to hold each donor plaque.
The backers are 1/8″ thick aluminum with a horizontally brushed finish. The acrylic panels are held to the backers with 1″ anodized Gyford stand-off fasteners & hardware. Text is second-surface vinyl.

  • EHS Donor1
  • EHS Donor3
  • EHS Donor2
  • EHS Donor4