A wonderful project I worked on in partnership with Gensler Architecture. Bmc updated their primary logo in 2015 and needed to re-brand their headquarters in Houston, Tx, as well as other sites around the country.

I create the new signage branding guidelines for the change, and Ad Display Fabricated & installed.

Scope of work consisted of a two new channel letters, and a set of freestanding letters that were installed at the back entrance to the property. After 12 months of use, the freestanding letters were decommissioned, and the main logo was repurposed into a sculpture and installed in the executive space on the top floor of their office building.

The channel letters logo is 15′ tall overall, while the freestanding letters are 7′ tall.

  • IMG_8739
  • BMC monument 2
  • BMC monument 1
  • BMC channel letters
  • BMC Channel letters night